Maillith table tennis tables
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10 year warranty

Outdoor table tennis tables made of polymer concrete

Wear-free and absolutely weather-proof – table tennis tables for outside

Maillith all-weather table tennis tables made of polymer concrete guarantee long-lasting enjoyment. The special feature of our outdoor table tennis tables is the smooth surface, which has nearly the same ball bounce as an indoor competition table. This gives you an authentic table tennis feeling – that stays the same over decades.

Whether at the swimming pool or at school, Maillith outdoor table tennis tables are wear-resistant and absolutely weather-proof. Rain, sunlight, heat, cold and even frost - all this has no impact on the equipment and the table is always excellent for playing on.

Sample products

Have a look at our polymer concrete table tennis tables in their different designs.

Individual colour design possible

Our standard table tennis tops are available in the colours:

RAL 5002 Blau

RAL 5002 Blue

RAL 6002 Grün

RAL 6002 Green

RAL 7016 Grau

RAL 7016 Grey


Granite green

Request a polymer concrete sample

Request a free polymer concrete sample with the dimensions 5 x 5 cm and convince yourself.

We will be delighted to produce your all-weather table tennis top in your desired colour. A logo can be incorporated in such a way that it is always protected against any deliberate removal and the elements.

table top with inserted logo

Quick and easy

Hardly any time is lost between delivery and the first serve, and the set-up itself is incredibly simple.

It starts with selecting the area where you want to set it up. Our tables are delivered in sections on a pallet and thus can be set up in hard-to-reach places, such as back yards. The installation itself can be performed with simple tools and without any special knowledge in just a short time. Due to the modular construction, the individual elements can easily be replaced at any time.

Video: See how fast and easy it is to set up our table tennis tables

Benefits of polymer concrete table tennis top

Polymer concrete boasts excellent material properties. Compared to conventional outdoor table tennis tops made of concrete, stone or other materials, which have been weathering quickly, polymer concrete outdoor table tennis tops offer huge benefits.

All our polymer concrete equipment is produced in our company in Lauterbach. Except some small components for the assembly all others are produced in Europe and here too we guarantee top quality

Polymer concrete table tennis top

Polymer concrete table tennis top
  • weather-resistant, wear-free surface
  • precise fine-layered playing surface
  • ball bounce almost in professional competition quality
  • easy & quick to assemble
  • is supplied as a kit, so its location is flexible

Concrete table tennis top

Concrete table tennis top
  • Weathering through frost and moisture
  • Playing surface becomes uneven
  • Poorer ball bounce
  • Location must be accessible by vehicle

The proof of unique weather resistance

Proof of the unique weather resistance of our polymer concrete table tennis tables is the approximately 45 year old table tennis top at the Dom school in Fulda. Do you know of a table tennis made from other materials, which is still in such a good condition after such a long time?

weather-resistant table tennis table

Non-glare playing surface

The new non-glare playing surface of the Maillith table tennis top provides fun even in intense sunshine. The matte surface of the table prevents annoying light reflections and the players always have an excellent view of the table tennis ball.

Almost 4-times greater stability than a concrete table tennis table

Table tennis tables made of polymer concrete consist of mineral fillers bonded by polyester resin. The mass is poured into a mould and then compacted. Our polymer concrete has been measured with almost 4 times greater stability than conventional concrete. As a result, our table tennis tables are as sturdy as a 4-times thick concrete table tennis table.

Choosing where to put the weather-proof / all-weather table tennis table

Our products are basically intended for stationary, permanent assembly; however their modular design facilitates rapid assembly and disassembly. Therefore, you can change the location of the table tennis table, or transport the individual parts to hard-to-reach locations in order to fit the table there.

  • The substrate must be firm. Paving stones or asphalt are ideal. But four exposed aggregate concrete panels are also acceptable.

  • You need a floor area of approx. 10 m x 5 m. The classic table tennis table measures 274 x 152 x 76 cm. The rule of thumb says 3 metres behind the table and 2 metres on the sides should be left free, thus leaving you enough clearance around the table.

Spare parts available

All parts can be replaced (delivery on request). This includes the parts listed in the explosion drawings, as well as all screws and connecting parts.

Exploded assembly drawing Maillith Solido

PDF (230 KB)

PDF (628 KB)


barrierefreie Tischtennisplatte von Maillith

Maillith table tennis tables are also suitable for table tennis players with a physical impairment and wheelchair users can easily play on the table. The playing surface is at a height of 76 cm and is wheelchair accessible.

The SOLIDO P30-R and FERO P30-R models with the 120 mm radii at the corners offer additional safety for wheelchair users. So, when controlling the ball close to the table tennis top, no edges get in the way and the player is not hampered by the corners, even if he can only move slightly on the table.

On our classic table tennis (SOLIDO A45-S and FERO A45-S) the corners have a small radius of approx. 10mm.

Model overview: Table tennis tables made of polymer concrete

We have several different table tennis tables in our range. You can choose between the classic version like the models SOLIDO - with a polymer concrete base and FERO - with a steel base. Both models are also available with "round corners". From us, however, you get weather-proof table tennis tables in round form - RONDO model.

Model overview


Maillith SOLIDO A45-S

Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 495 kg



Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 410 kg



Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 400 kg


Maillith FERO A45-S Tischtennistisch

Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 390 kg


FERO P30-S Tischtennisplatte

Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 310 kg



Dimensions | Weight: 274x152x76 cm (International tournament dimensions) | 305 kg

The following types of nets are available for the SOLIDO and FERO model:

Aluminiumnetz 4mm oder 8mm

Aluminium net 4 mm / 8 mm

Aluminiumnetz 4mm oder 8mm

Dibond net 4 mm. A Dibond panel with a “print-on-net” is fitted between the two halves for more stability.

Noise-reduced and stable 4 mm Dibond net

As an alternative to our tried and tested aluminium net, we offer a 4-mm thick aluminium Dibond "net". An aluminium Dibond panel imprinted with a mesh pattern is fitted between the two halves of the table tennis top. This additional fixing on the one hand ensures a high degree of stability. On the other hand, the net can not vibrate with the result that the unpleasant background noise is almost completely avoided when playing with larger balls.

The 4 mm thick Dibond net ensures special stability between the two halves of the table and features other benefits:

  • Low-noise and more stable than aluminium net
  • Can be individually printed (e.g. logo, sponsoring) - see example
  • Service life is equivalent to that of an aluminium net

The following type of net is available for the OCTO model:

Netz OCTO Aluguss

Net of cast aluminium


Maillith Rondo
Maillith Rondo
Maillith Rondo mehrfarbig

Dimensions | Weight: Diameter ca. 2,4 m | 460 kg 

The following types of nets are available for the RONDO model:

Netz RONDO 1

2-piece net of galvanised steel

Netz RONDO 2

4-piece net of galvanised steel

Ideal presentation option for your own logos and sponsors

Table tennis tops, renewal tops, foosball tables made of polymer concrete can be provided with a logo or lettering on request - permanently resistant to the elements and wear. Guaranteed.

For example, sponsors can use our table tennis tops, tennis practise walls or foosball tables as an advertising space for their companies.

Are you a sponsor or acting on behalf of someone?
Contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Inserted logo in table top

Inserted logo in table top

Imprinted logos on Dibond net

Imprinted logos on Dibond net

Frequently asked questions

How long will a table tennis table like this last?

The past shows that the tables can easily withstand the elements for several decades. One of the oldest ones known to us can be seen here: references.

Are the table tennis tops easy to clean and how are they cleaned?

The usual stains can be removed with a cloth and water, but also with a high pressure cleaner. Graffiti is best tackled with acetone.

Can I place the table table anywhere? / Which substrate is required for the table tennis table?

As a foundation, 4 exposed aggregate concrete slabs right under the legs are sufficient. However, a consistently firm substrate like a pavement or asphalt is of course better.

Are there differences in the ball bounce on a polymer concrete table tennis top as opposed to a normal table tennis top?

Dedicated amateur players and even pros acknowledge that our polymer concrete tables have much better ball bounce than other outdoor tables and that it even comes very close to that of a competition table.

Is a fitter required or do I have to / can I assemble the table myself?

The assembly is quite simple, but we also offer supply and fit. Click here to see the assemblyvideo.

Where can I buy the table tennis table?

Where selling is concerned, we rely entirely on our trading partners. If you need more detailed information, please contact us at: Contact

What is the price of a table tennis table like this?

Our table tennis tables are available from 2.000, - Euro depending on the model.

What safety distances need to be observed?

There are no standard requirements for this. For a recreational game, we recommend an area of at least 7 m x 4 m.

How is the table tennis table delivered?

All parts are placed on a pallet, which is transported to you by our forwarding company or our own delivery and assembly service.

What does the heaviest part weigh?

The heaviest part of all the models is a table half of the SOLIDO A45 or FERO A45 at approx. 180 kg.

Can individual parts be replaced?

Of course, all individual parts can be replaced.

Can the playing surface be repaired if damaged?

This is no problem with a little bit of manual dexterity and our cost-effective repair set.

Is the table stable?

The weight of the table alone provides good stability but the delivery package also includes floor anchors.

Does the table tennis top have to be level?

To achieve the same playing height on both sides, the playing surface should not be levelled but run parallel to the floor.

Important information at a glance:

  • Material: polymer concrete
  • Precise fine layered playing surfacewithout pores
  • UV- and frost resistant material assures a high quality wear and tear less and durable playing surface
  • Polymer concrete can be recycled
  • 10 year warranty
  • Certified according to DIN EN 15312 Free access multi-sports equipment

The alternative: repairing old table tennis tops

No equipment is as popular as the good old table tennis table made of concrete in school yards, in recreation parks or swimming pools. But the table tennis tops, usually made of exposed concrete or artificial stone, all have one problem: they may be still standing there immovable, but many of them have not been played on for a long time. The playing surface is weathered and washed out, a green covering has formed, parts have been blown off by frost and the surface just can’t be played on any more.

We have no exact figures but in Germany alone, there are over 7,000 swimming pools and some 45,000 schools, most of which have a concrete table tennis table. Many of them lead a sad existence. Restoring or dismantling them is complex and local councils are afraid of the investment.

Old table tennis tables made of concrete can be repaired at a low cost - with Maillith Renewal Tops. The polymer concrete tops are just placed on the old table, glued to the old table and screwed tightly on the sides if possible.

Learn more about our table tennis Renewal Tops and their easy assembly.
Also ideal for private use, e.g. for self-built table tennis tops made of stone.


Product sheet for download

Outdoor table tennis tables made of polymer concrete.

Our designs

Certified safety

Our table tennis tables are certified by TÜV-Süd.

Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.

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