Maillith outdoor sports equipment made of polymer concrete

Outdoor sports & playground equipment made of polymer concrete

We are experts in outdoor playground and sports equipment made of polymer concrete. Maillith products - from table tennis tops to bouldering walls - have been used successfully for 40 years in park and leisure facilities, schoolyards, open-air swimming pools and camp sites.

Our equipment is TÜV-tested and features excellent material properties. The mix of minerals and polyester resin, polymer concrete, also known as mineral cast, is totally weather-resistant and low-wear. The playground and sports equipment is maintenance-free and remains in tip-top condition for decades.

We are the market leaders in sports equipment made of polymer concrete and our products are bought and appreciated worldwide.

All our equipment and systems are produced in our company in Lauterbach. The products are TÜV-tested and meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Product overview

table tennis tables

Table Tennis Tables

renewal tops

Renewal Tops


table football

Table Football

tennis practice wall

Tennis Practice Wall


bouldering wall

Bouldering Wall


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Sabine Wendorff
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Thomas Wagner
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Maillith is working successfully in the market for over 40 years
Polymer concrete
material without equal

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.


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10 Jahre Garantie auf Maillith Produkte

Highest quality and longevity

Wetterfester Polymerbeton

UV- and frost resistant material

Recyclebare Produkte

100 % Environmentally friendly

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Certified safety

Certified safety

Maillith products are Made in Germany

Made in Germany