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Polymer concrete has excellent properties that make it a material that can be used reliably and flexibly. The advantages over conventional concrete in terms of durability, robustness, and potential applications are significant. The ability to form the material in particular allows for versatile use in a wide variety of scenarios. In addition to our standard products, we also develop specific prefabricated parts, realize product ideas, and search for solutions for intelligent and efficient use together with our customers.

Just talk to us about your needs and ideas. We would be happy to provide you with advice for the efficient use of polymer concrete.

Carsten Grüner - Maillith

Carsten Grüner
Member of the Management Board / Operations Director

+49 (0 66 41) 96 78 15
+49 (0 66 41) 96 78 20

Maillith is working successfully in the market for over 40 years
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material without equal

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.


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Wetterfester Polymerbeton

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100 % Environmentally friendly

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Certified safety

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