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10 year warranty

Outdoor foosball tables made of polymer concrete

Wear-free and always weatherproof

The Maillith foosball table is the ideal toy for schoolyards, outdoor pools, playgrounds or parks. Football fans can really get their money's worth all year round.

The surface and base of the Maillith table football are made of polymer concrete. Polymer concrete is immune to all the elements. The foosball table can be left outside all year round for decades and does not even have to be covered.

Our outdoor foosball models - standard colours

table football in blue

Blue coloured pitch with red and white players

table football in green

Green coloured pitch with blue and red players

table football in grey

Grey coloured pitch with yellow and orange players

Our outdoor foosball models - colour variations

table football in red

Red coloured pitch with blue and yellow players

table football in purble

Purple coloured pitch with white and yellow players

table football in light grey

Light Grey coloured pitch with red and blue players

table football in brown

Brown coloured pitch with grey and orange players

Spielfiguren für Mailliht Outdoor Kickertisch

Possible colours for outdoor foosball game figures: red, grey, black, blue, yellow, white and orange.

Note on the colours of the foosball models and game figures

The following colour illustrations of our outdoor foosball tables are exemplary.

The illustrations show the six possible colours of the game figures: blue, red, white, grey, money, orange.

In addition to the standard colours blue, green and anthracite, all other RAL colours are available for the play trough.

The game trough and player figures can of course be combined according to your wishes.

Product features

Tischfussball Detailansicht 1

Pitch and base made of polymer concrete thus permanently weather-proof and UV-resistant.

Dimensions: (l x w x h): approx. 140 x 135 x 90 cm
Weight: approx. 340 kg
Pitch: 140 x 80 cm

Tischfussball Detailansicht 1

Play poles - like all other metal parts - made of V2A stainless steel solid material, thus stable and stainless.

Tischkicker Detailansicht 2

Robust and durable PVC figures, balls and counter

Gummipuffer Spielfiguren

The solid stainless steel poles are buffered with weather resistant rubber buffers

Gummipuffer Spielfiguren

Feet - with ground attachment - made of rubber buffers 

Request a polymer concrete sample

Request a free polymer concrete sample with the dimensions 5 x 5 cm and convince yourself.

Ideal presentation option for your own logos and sponsors

Inserted logo

Foosball tables, Renewaltops, table tennis tops  made of polymer concrete can be provided with a logo or lettering on request - permanently resistant to the elements and wear. Guaranteed.

For example, sponsors can use our table tennis tops, tennis practise walls or football tables as an advertising space for their companies.

Are you a sponsor or acting on behalf of someone?
Contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Maillith outdoor football tables - Your benefits

A foosball table made of polymer concrete pays for itself. Outdoor fun is permanently guaranteed with the unique material properties. The device can be customised and spare parts are available.

All our polymer concrete equipment is produced in our company in Lauterbach. Except some small components for the assembly all others are produced in Europe and here too we guarantee top quality.

Outdoor Spielespass mit dem Tisckkicker

Maillith foosball table made of polymer concrete

  • all-weather & wearless
  • individual design
  • low maintenance
  • quick & easy fit
  • spare parts available
  • TÜV certified
  • 10 years warranty
  • quality made in Germany

Supply & fit – Ready to play on in a flash

The Maillith foosball table is delivered to you pre-assembled on a pallet by the haulier. When lifting it off the pallet, you only have to screw the height-adjustable feet with the fastening lugs into the base. Then bring the table with 4 people to the destination. Finally, screw the outdoor football table with the fastening lugs onto the ground.

Ready to play on in a flash

The foosball is delivered on a pallet.

Video: Assembling the Maillith foosball

Choosing the location

The foosball table weighs around 340 kg and therefore requires a firm base. Also ideal in terms of anchoring in the ground, are concrete/asphalted surfaces. Individual stone panels are also possible and can be laid on grass for example.

When choosing a location, factor in the necessary space required for the players around the foosball table.

Spare parts always available

The Maillith foosball table is robust, permanently weather-resistant and almost maintenance-free.
Nevertheless, just in case anything happens, we have spare parts available of course.
Bars, figures, balls, counter, and rubber buffers and rubber grips can be reordered at any time.

Hardly any maintenance needed

Give the bars a little silicone spray

You can fully concentrate on the game. The Maillith foosball table needs hardly any maintenance.

Give the bars a little silicone spray every now and again (please really only use silicone spray) to keep them loose and flexible.

Comparison: traditional foosball vs. Maillith foosball

The offer of foosball tables for outside is huge and there are many models that advertise the feature "weatherproof". Most outdoor foosball models are made of plastic, resin, metal or so-called multiplex boards. The individual parts (body, feet, etc.) are often connected with weather-resistant adhesive. The plastic game figures are often cast directly onto the game bars.

In terms of durability, many of these foosball tables can not hold a candle to Maillith foosball tables. Polymer concrete is just unbeatable with decades of weather resistance and wear resistance. Add to this, the well thought-out Maillith concept: all components are weather-resistant and wear-resistant. Game figures, bars, etc. are also interchangeable and always available as spare parts.

Important information at a glance:

  • Pitch and base made of weather resistant polymer concrete
  • Play pole material: stainless steel
  • UV- and frost resistant material assures a high quality wear and tear less and durable playing surface
  • The pitch is available in RAL 5002 Blue and RAL 6002 Green
  • Polymer concrete can be recycled
  • 10 year warranty
  • Certified according to DIN EN 15312 Free access multi-sports equipment


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Product sheet for download

Outdoor table football made of polymer concrete.

Certified safety

Our table football is certified by TÜV-Süd.

Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.

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