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10 year warranty

Bouldering walls made of polymer concrete

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Bring the heights into the plains! Climbing artificial walls has been trendy for a long time. No wonder! It’s fun and healthy. It trains strength, coordination and body control. Bouldering walls are extremely popular as you can climb up within jumping distance therefore making rope-securing and supervision unnecessary.

There is no limit to your fantasy at bouldering. You can create many different group games. It is ideal for play-grounds, schools, youth hostels, etc.

Model overview

Bouldering walls made of polymer concrete from Maillith are ideal for the outdoor use because of their weather resistance, the easy assembling and their certification according to DIN EN 1176 Playground equipment.

All our polymer concrete equipment is produced in our company in Lauterbach. Except some small components for the assembly all others are produced in Europe and here too we guarantee top quality.

Three types are available::

Type I and Type II are free-standing whereas Type III only can be installed onto existing concrete walls.

Type I

Typ I
  • Free standing, can be climbed from both sides
  • Surface in slate structure
  • Climbing surface per element: 1,40 m x 2,40 m (w x h)
  • New grips can be added
  • Existing grips can be adjusted

Type II

Typ II
  • Free standing, can be climbed from both sides
  • Tough, near-to-nature rock structure
  • Firm surface
  • Measurements as in Type I
  • Unremovable grips
Boulderwand mit Kletternetz

Type I & II optionally with climbing net

Type III

  • Installation onto existing Concrete walls
  • Surface in slate structure
  • Climbing area per element: 1,25 m x 2,40 m (w x h)
  • New grips can be added
  • Existing grips can be adjusted

Highest Safety

Our walls made of polymer concrete are wear and tear less, weather and temperature resistant. They offer the same established quality conditions for years. That assures ultimate safety and fun in climbing.

Important information at a glance:

  • Material of the climbing elements: polymer concrete
  • Material of the supporting posts: galvanised steel
  • UV- and frost resistant material assures a high quality wear and tear less and durable playing surface
  • Certified according to DIN EN 1176 Playground equipment
  • Polymer concrete can be recycled
  • 10 year warranty

Individual design – Coloured posts

According to our customer`s desire the galvanized steel posts can be delivered in various colours. The sample below shows individual posts in the colour of the building`s façade.

The galavanized steel tubes will be powder-coated. All RAL-colours can be chosen. The powder-coating not only provides an  individual visual appereance but also is an additional protection for the posts.

The coating material is free from solvents, so the powder coating is particularly environmentally friendly.

Yellow posts
Yellow posts

Maillith bouldering walls – climbing fun for generations

Maillith bouldering walls are maintenance-free. The material polymer concrete can withstand all the elements without any problems for many, many years. Our outdoor climbing walls are an investment for life. Generations of children can use one and the same wall.

Throughout Germany, our climbing walls stand for outside. We also deliver throughout Europe, e.g. to Scandinavia, the Czech Republic or Switzerland.

Here you will find an extract from our reference list (PDF 73.8 KB)



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Product sheet for download

Outdoor bouldering walls made of polymer concrete.

Certified safety

Our bouldering walls are certified by TÜV-Süd.

Polymer concrete

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for constructions outdoors.

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