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People who trust in products from Maillith have them for a long time


Maillith is the leading provider worldwide for sport and playground equipment made of polymer concrete. This is no accident since our experience with this material spans over 40 years and increases daily. Our projects are distributed all over Germany and in the neighboring European countries. In the meantime, the name Maillith is also highly regarded on other continents as well. For example, we also have foosball tables in South America, skateparks in Hong Kong, tennis practice walls in Africa, and table tennis tables in Australia guarantee long-lasting fun.

Once in a lifetime

Two striking proofs that sports- and playground equipment made by Maillith is worth your invest.

25 years old table tennis

The approx. 30 years old table is located at the Dom-Gymnasium school in Fulda.

30 years old SMASH BACK tennis wall

The approx. 40 years old SMASH BACK tennis wall is located at the University of Augsburg. We replaced one panel approx. 5 years ago.


Do you know of a comparable outdoor sports equipment made of other materials that is in such good condition after such a long time?

Sabine Wendorff - Maillith

Sabine Wendorff
Inquiries / advice

+49 (0 66 41) 96 78 11
+49 (0 66 41) 96 78 20

Carsten Grüner - Maillith

Carsten Grüner
Member of the Management Board / Operations Director

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+49 (0 66 41) 96 78 20

Maillith is working successfully in the market for over 40 years
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material without equal

Polymer concrete is an ideal material for outdoor constructions.


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10 Jahre Garantie auf Maillith Produkte

Highest quality and longevity

Wetterfester Polymerbeton

UV- and frost resistant material

Recyclebare Produkte

100 % Environmentally friendly

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Certified safety

Certified safety

Maillith products are Made in Germany

Made in Germany