Maillith products made of polymer concrete


  • Renewal Tops

    Since this season we offer our Renewal Tops in grey colour (RAL 7016).

  • Rondo lively

    Our RONDO table tennis table now comes additionally two-coloured.

  • 120mm-Radius

    Our SOLIDO P30-R and FERO P30-R table tennis tables boast particularly safe corners.

  • AIDAprima

    We delivered the wash basins for the passenger cabins of the last two AIDA cruise ships produced in Germany.

  • Maillith Worldwide

    Even sportsmen and women in far off corners of the world choose our high quality polymer concrete products.

  • Logo presentation

    The table tennis table made for our customer Sparkasse Oberhessen is a sample to demonstrate our possibility to mould in your logo.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Polymer concrete is very environmentally friendly.

  • Boris macht Schule

    When funds are needed Boris Becker step in to bring schools back up to par.

  • Longest durability

    Of course, every outdoor table tennis manufacturer is inclined to assert that their product is extremely weather-resistant and is the most durable.

  • Softener

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are often included in plastic components as a softener.

  • Acrylic Concrete? Polymer Concrete? Mineral Cast?

    Last not least all of those consist of natural materials, bound with 10% of artificial resin.

  • AIDA cruise ship

    With the production of the wash basins for the AIDA cruise ship we’ve gone back to our roots since the beginning of the year.

  • Not truly new information...

    but due to many misunderstandings, we would like to take this opportunity to address once more the issue of our exclusively used material.

  • Latest laboratory tests

    The result of the latest laboratory tests of our polymer concrete was a classification of C80/95.

Sabine Wendorff - Maillith

Sabine Wendorff
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Carsten Grüner - Maillith

Carsten Grüner
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Maillith is working successfully in the market for over 40 years
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Certified safety

Certified safety

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